We are part of a movement; a paradigm shift in our manufacturing processes which will take us to Digital Manufacturing

Data, only if digitised can result in meaningful output.​

Traceability Platform

Digitising the factory floor 

Part traceability has numerous benefits for manufacturers including improved quality, reduced production costs, and increased plant floor visibility. By combining our innovative software designs with the right tech stack and architecture, we have developed the most robust, easy-to-use Traceability solutions available today.   


Our Traceability solutions maximise visibility and transparency in every aspect of the production process—from the station level on the plant floor, up to the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.  Real-time data is captured throughout the entire production process. Analytics with key performance indicators (KPIs) can be displayed on large overhead monitors, or on any PC or mobile device connected to the network. The XSOL traceability solution capture a significant amount of data from individual task cycle times to process images. This large "Big Data" repository allows plant leadership and operators to make data-driven decisions that improve quality and maximise production output

Stages of Traceability

Stage I

Scanning of production logs & registers and using QR code based identifiers for

identification and retrieval

Stage II

Paperless factory floor with the use of Smart screen to capture production logs, job setup data, SPC charts, loss recording

Stage III

Machine integration to capture real time machine PLC data to capture setup specifications and manufacturing parameters



Digi-Log  :  Document Traceability 


One Click document access

With the current process being completely manual and data recorded across registers on the factory floor, its cumbersome to trace back any product detail from these sources which highly impacts the Turn-Around-Time

XSOL introduces Digi-Log, CLOUD based document tracing platform for digitising content and easy of tracking physical documents on the shop floor. Scan, index, Retrieve documents across devices. 


E-Log Electronic Log Book 

Paperless shopfloor

With current shop-floor relying on manual recording of data in physical registers & formats, traceability across these piles of documents is extremely difficult and unproductive.  

To achieve a zero-defect process of traceability, XSOL introduces E-Log; a cloud based Traceability solution to capture your data from every station and able to pin-point every stage & step of manufacturing. 


Smart-factory: IOT based Machine Integration

Real Time access to machine data 

Traditionally, machine data is  captured by shopfloor operators in registers and logs. 

Machine-to-machine integration and the Industrial Internet of Things are reinventing manufacturing as we know it, giving birth to the smart factory that is connected, intelligent and aware—enabling new-found levels of productivity and predictability. 

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